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So we started writing this story the first week of April, wrote it all the way through and finished a complete 85k first draft in uh 29 days i think, and then began the process of dismantling everything we’d just written because it was all a mess. So over the course of May - June, we both wrote side fics trying to  figure out where our stories were diverging and whether we could reconverge them. And then one day in the middle of June, after we’d been in the rewriting / revamping process for literally 6 weeks, and fully 2.5 months after we started writing, EGT mentions casually that she sees Elliot as deeply insecure.

This was COMPLETELY antithetical to how I’d been writing. If you recall, my in-progress tag for this has always been “hipster emma,” while hers was “hipster my fair lady.” That’s significant because if you’ve read Emma, you know that her main flaw is that she’s well-meaning but vain, and that’s how i’d written Elliot throughout our original fic: he is well-meaning but a little narcissistic and inclined to careen off the deep end into his own schemes and messes of his own making if he’s not patiently reeled back in line and guided towards more productive things. Basically, I was writing him as a modern-day Emma. And I thought we were on the same page in that regard, because we’d talked about it so much. So when EGT was casually like, I always saw him as needing schemes to mask his insecurity, I was like, wait, what????

On a level, I think we both did write him as insecure, but in vastly different ways. EGT’s Elliot is insecure about whether his friends really love him, so he’s always getting moments where they reassure him and make it clear they love him. My Elliot is insecure about whether he’s really good enough, and it’s really still all about him, ahaha, and he has to consciously realize when that goes wrong and step outside of himself to empathize with other people and make room for them.

The other thing that’s crucial about how I write Elliot is that in Hays Code he’s extremely demisexual. In the original version we wrote together, he’s pretty demisexual, but not crucially so; in EGT’s version, he’s pretty demi, but it’s not really a huge motivator of the plot the way it is in my fic.

Actually wait, ahaha, I asked EGT and she said I am wrong, lol. “The most crucial thing about how you write Elliot is — no, I don’t think it’s the demisexual thing, I think it’s……..I want to say it’s something like your generosity and willingness to embrace all of him. But I guess, like, your Elliot is flawed and a mess and causes issues and you just let him be.” 

Which is very very sweet of her to say, because lord do I love Elliot in all his flaws <33333

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I think about how an older Toph would fight on the battlefield. Like pulling metal arrows right out the sky, tearing tanks apart, etc. And yes, she’d wear the brightest metal armor just for the sake of rubbing her metal bending in anybody and everybody’s face. 

Katara ,  Azula

holy shit

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Sketching some Zimbits and thought briefly of the whole  “Why does Bittle make me feel like hockey makes me feel?” thing and then I just imagined goal horns sounding in Jack’s head while The Kiss was happening.

Didn’t they kiss three times that day? I can’t believe he went for a hat trick

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Sam’s out for the night, so I’m going to throw up a stream on Togethertube in a bit. I’m going to start out with a bit in the way of British quiz shows and randomness and transition into checking out some copies of Spring Awakening that Low Fur scared up for me. I’m going to take control of the queue for the first half of the stream at least but will likely open it to the group after we get through Spring Awakening.



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Bees are awesome creatures. Even if you’re one of the few who isn’t into wearing a beard of bees, it’s still important to bee able to identify them. Thank goodness Wrong Hands made made this handy Bee Identification Chart.

I genuinely lost my shit at FRIS. 

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No Stream from me tonight

R’s staying over and we’re gonna watch the ball game! If someone else wants to use the room feel free!

I’m stealing Sam’s Channel!  BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!

He should never have modded me.


I’m loading up some food vids, feel free to stop by and say hi!

Sci!! do everyone a favor and add “butt machine” by that1guy. R recommends it.

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Posted by Tab

Now we get to the crux of this story- with two doms in charge who gets to decide when the sub has had enough?

I’m having a super hard time finding references for these pages as most pictures of ‘caning’ are a bit too extreme for my tastes. It’s a shame because the best art always comes with a good reference!

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On this thursday is Rosh Hashanna:

- this is the jewish new year, we are entering the year 5778. It comemorates when adam and eve were created.

- If you see someone jewish, or have jewish friends and family, say “L’Shana Tova (Le-Sha-Nah-Toe-Vah). It’s a greeting and a wish for a happy new year!

- We dip apples in honey to remind us of the sweetness of life and to bring sweetness into ourselves for a new year

-We eat a circular challah to symbolize the cycles of time, the challah often has raisins in it to add extra sweetness

-This is a happy holiday, full of joy

Beginning on Friday, September 30th is Yom Kippur:

- This is the jewish day of atonement, when we think about our wrongdoings of the past year and think about how we can commit to doing better in the next year.

- Many Jewish people fast, abstaining from food and water from sundown to sundown. The fast is roughly 25 hours. HOWEVER, if you need to eat, you may. There are lots of reasons that people may not fast, like recovering from an eating disorder, a medical condition like diabetes, or having to take medication with food. The elderly, children, and pregnant people should not fast.

- This is a solemn holiday, many people spend all day in synagogue in deep prayer. 

- On Yom Kippur, wish someone a peaceful or meaningful fast. Some people may take offense to the concept of having an “easy” or “enjoyable” fast because Yom Kippur is not about ease or comfort. 

- There is a breaking of the fast at sundown, this is usually a joyous event

Together, these make up the High Holy Days, the most important week in Judaism. 

please reblog to educate and spread awareness

Other pro-tips:

1. Jewish holidays begin at sun down the night before and end at sun down the night of. So, for example, Rosh Hashanah starts wednesday night and ends Friday night. However, Friday night starts the Sabbath (Shabbat) which ends Saturday night.

2. If you’re not comfy with Hebrew, happy new year or happy holiday will do just fine.

3. Some people celebrate one day of Rosh Hashanah, some two. Don’t judge either practice.

4. Side note: Rosh Hashanah is a lunar new year. Most East Asian countries and predominantly Muslim countries have them. They all fall at different times. Don’t call Chinese New Year “Lunar New Year.” I don’t know who started that, but it’s offensive to like eighty five other cultures, seriously.

5. I have never been offended by having someone wish me an easy fast, in fact, that is common practice in the Jewish circles I have always run in, but I guess it doesn’t hurt not to. I just wouldn’t worry if you’ve done it before.

6. Jewish holy days and holidays don’t work like Christian ones, for one thing, there’s too many of them, but for purposes of comprehension, imagine this is Thanksgiving and Christmas, rolled into the space of ten days and far far less secular. These are two of the most important holy days of the year, followed by Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah, which all hold their own import. The season is about a month. To give you some idea of the import of these holidays: I am very close with my family, I go home for Rosh Hashanah rather than thanksgiving every year.

7. This is a big one: if you have Jewish co-workers who are taking off for these holy days, for the love of everything holy and true, do NOT act like they are taking a vacation. They are taking leave time for holy days that, while meaningful, are emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausting. Be kind.

Great information for the upcoming High Holy Days. I hope all my Jewish friends and readers have bright, sweet, and satisfying holidays! 

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I just cleaned out my drawers and refolded and moved around clothes. Now I have more space in the drawers and space on my hangers. I also neated up my shoes so I might actually be able to find a pair when I need to. Also: i gotta learn how ot make a quilt out of old tee shirts. As usual we may place reasons with @copperbadge because of autumn cleaning. 

I’m so proud of everyone who has been cleaning because of me! It proves that the pain in the ass of cleaning is not entirely in vain even though my kitchen floor is already filthy again.

FWIW, I knew I would never be able to quilt anything, so when I wanted to save my race shirts but didn’t want to wear them, I bought 12″ embroidery hoops, cut out the shirt logo bits I wanted to save, and mounted the logos from the shirts in the hoops, sealing the edges to the back with brushed-on Weldbond glue. They look super cool hanging on the wall! 

IF you can afford it, I highly recommend Project Repat.  They do solid work, and are pretty environmentally and socially conscious.  


Well now I have to save up some t-shirts…..

Is quilting a thing the internet wants to learn? I can feel my Amish Mennonite ancestors rising up as one, demanding I teach the internet to quilt. I’m not sure they actually want me to teach the internet to quilt T-shirts with anime porn on them but, being from the Plain Sects, they’re morally obliged not to judge any of us for it.

I mean, it’s not hard… and you get to stab things… and at the end you get to be a human burrito in cotton knit, so it seems like plusses all around.

Well, I mean, I personally as a fragment of the internet don’t, because I’ve seen what it entails, but I think most of the internet probably does! It seems like something we as a collective would enjoy. 

Also say hi to your Mennonite ancestors for me from my Mennonite ancestors, who also quilted, but then gave it up for piracy.  :D 

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No Stream from me tonight

R’s staying over and we’re gonna watch the ball game! If someone else wants to use the room feel free!

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seekanewerworld replied to your post “Come in, please, come in. I can’t entertain you shipboard as I once…”
Why isn’t there a YA novel or something about her, this is amazing.

I believe she’s one of the Rejected Princesses, and there’s a lot of Chinese-based media about her, but I think a Chinese woman being the most successful and powerful pirate in the history of the world makes the entire Western hemisphere suuuuuuper nervous :D 

ineptshieldmaid replied to your post “tienriu replied to your post “PANTS AUDIT COMPLETE.” …”

You say ‘undies!’ Is that common in the US? I thought it was an Australianism

I mean, I think so? I’ve never thought about it but folks here definitely say it….

non-binding poll

Sep. 19th, 2017 02:53 pm
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Because I realized there's no point in my writing prequel-to-hexarchate (or even prequel-to-heptarchate [1]) stories about all-new characters if nobody wants to read about all-new characters in the story collection. :]

[1] I had this great idea about the heptarchate's founding but.

NOTE: I make no guarantees.

Poll #18837 hexarchate story collection
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 26

What *existing* characters would you like to see more stories about?

View Answers

Shuos Jedao
16 (61.5%)

Kel Cheris
21 (80.8%)

Shuos Mikodez
14 (53.8%)

Kel Brezan
12 (46.2%)

Kel Khiruev
12 (46.2%)

Andan Niath
2 (7.7%)

Nirai Kujen
9 (34.6%)

mystery POV #1 from Revenant Gun that Yoon evilly refuses to divulge
9 (34.6%)

servitor POV #2 from Revenant Gun
12 (46.2%)

someone else that I will mention in comments
1 (3.8%)

ticky the tookie tocky
8 (30.8%)


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